Case Study: Bury Local Authority

Bury Local Authority agreed to trial the new Commissioning Model and in April 2018, moved all its locally commissioned services to the pilot version of the GM local pharmacy services contract.

The services include:

  • Needle Exchange
  • Supervised Consumption
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)
  • Chlamydia Screen, Test and Treat

The LPCs, CHL and GM HSCP worked with the Local Authority to transfer its current services, which were largely being recorded on paper, over to web-based modules hosted on the GMHSCP PharmOutcomes licence.

“It fits in strategically with everything that we are trying to do. A big part of Local Care Organisation (LCO) development and conversations is streamlining processes. We are trailblazing a new way of working… the ability to commission multiple services through one contract has reduced bureaucracy, and now we don’t have an industry of contract management”

Amy Lepiorz

(Head of Delivery, Together 4 Bury)

Feedback from Bury Local Authority: Benefits

“CHL is super-efficient”
Shenna Paynter
(Public Health Programme Lead, Bury Council) 

  • One contract with streamlined administrative processes and removal of lengthy tendering processes
  • Ability to commission multiple services through one contract, with a single recording and payment platform
  • Ability to commission new / revise current services in a cost effective and timely manner
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Pharmacy Payments
  • Massive time savings
  • Potential for performance management
  • Communicate directly with pharmacies on behalf of the commissioner; sends out information and deals with any issues and queries.
  • Offers Clinical support
  • Responsive
  • Professional

“Responsiveness is great… The professionalism has been really beneficial”

Matthew Logan
(Provider Relationship Lead, Bury Council)

Due to the good relationship between the two organisations, CHL has also been commissioned by Bury Council to develop and project-manage an additional service pilot.

Based on CHL’s experience in working closely with the Bury team and a number of other organisations, a comprehensive plan and process has been put into place to ensure that Commissioners experience a smooth transition to the new Commissioning Model and arrangements. 

Please click here to view our full case study: Bury Local Authority Case Study 110219

A New Commissioning Solution – Bury Local Authority Case Study

The ​GMHSCP Pharmacy Team has developed a contract for streamlined commissioning and delivery of local pharmaceutical services. This has been achieved through collaborative working with partners from the Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs), the community pharmacy provider arm in GM, CPGM Healthcare Ltd and the Pharmacy Local Professional Network. The delivery of services commissioned via the locality pharmacy services contract is also supported by GM Healthcare Academy and also supports a Lead Provider Model.