The Commissioners that CHL are currently collaborating with include:

  • Bury Local Authority (Sexual Health Services and Substance Misuse) 
  • Bolton LPC (Atrial Fibrilation)
  • GMMH. Bolton, Salford and Trafford (Substance Missuse)
  • GMHSCP (Inhaler Service, Smoking Cessation)
  • Manchester Health & Care Commissioning
  • Oldham Council 
  • Oldham CCG
  • Tameside and Glossop CCG 
  • Rochdale Council 
  • Rochdale CCG (Palliative Care)
  • Trafford CCG
  • Salford Council
  • Stockport CCG

The range of support CHL can offer to a commissioner of community pharmacy services includes:


PharmOutcomes is a web-based system which helps community pharmacies provide services more effectively and makes it easier for commissioners to audit and manage and report on these services. PharmOutcomes can ease the burden of record keeping, service management and financial tracking for services and capture the evidence of community pharmacy’s benefit for patients.

CHL can:

  • Prepare bespoke modules or review and update existing modules to ensure they meet the service specification and reporting requirements of the commissioner (both clinical and operational considerations)
  • Support the GM approach to streamline service data collection into a web-based secure system, all reporting at CHL and commissioner level is pseudo-anonymised
  • Support best practice examples in modules from other areas within the GM licence e.g. Levonorgestrel vs Ulipristal decision-making algorithm for EHC supply
  • Complete set up of new/amended modules – enrolment criteria, accredit pharmacies, set up funding to ensure accurate invoicing, upload service documentation
  • Create/support all communications to pharmacies regarding the changes as per the commissioner’s requirements

Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Set up and manage an EOI process where a commissioner wishes to either expand or rationalise the current providers
  • Develop selection criteria based on the commissioners needs and ensure a fair and transparent selection process is conducted and agreed by the LPC
  • Manage all communications to pharmacies regarding the EOI
  • Provision of training/support via webinar for any new providers to ensure understanding of the service specification and its requirements
  • Manage set up activities as required by the commissioner including collating signed documentation form pharmacies
  • NB the contracting arrangements between the commissioner and the pharmacies will remain as is, CHL does not hold contracts directly with pharmacies for NHS services

Monthly payments & admin

  • Monthly reporting and submission of a request for payment to the commissioner for pharmacy activity fees
  • Payment to each contractor upon receipt of pharmacy activity fees from the commissioner
  • Or holding an activity fee budget on behalf of the commissioner, paying pharmacy fees monthly/quarterly and providing a quarterly reconciliation of fees held to the commissioner, with clawback of any unpaid fees to be rolled over/clawed back at the end of the agreement period
  • Maintenance of the PharmOutcomes modules
  • Support for contractors
  • Support with ad hoc service-related communications to pharmacies
  • Liaison with LPC re service-related activities

Performance Management & PPV

  • We can also provide support with performance managing services and with PPV
  • Please see our Performance Management document for more information

Programme 1: COLLABORATE

with NHS commissioners to support existing and new service delivery