GMMH Supervised Consumption payments (Bolton, Salford and Trafford) during Covid 19

GMMH letter to community pharmacies Covid-19 - 30th April 2020.pdf

CHL Gm Bolton LPC Substance Misuse Letter to contractors 300420 v03 final.pdf

Bury Council Supervised Consumption payments during Covid 19

Supervised consumption letter for pharmacists 230620.pdf

CHL has worked on the following to try and support community pharmacies during this crisis: 

CHL, Bolton and GM LPCs have worked to secure sponsorship funding for the provision of Coronavirus Banners and have been able to cover the full costs for 300. These are now available to order on a first come first served basis to Greater Manchester Pharmacies. 

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CHL has been working with the School of Pharmacy at the University of Manchester regarding the opportunity for MPharm undergraduates to make good use of their time away from their course by supporting community pharmacies in GM during this extremely busy time.

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