Practice Lead

The Lead will be someone with a leadership role within the practice. This could be a practice principal, partner or practice manager- it is for the practice to determine the most appropriate person.

What will they do?

  • Lead and have responsibility for Healthy Living Dentistry in practice

  • Develop action plan & provide evidence

  • Ensure learning and delivery throughout practice

  • Organisational support to enable health champion to deliver

  • Ensure monitoring takes place

  • Network with leads in other practices.

Dental Champion

The dental champion will be someone within the practice who can implement the healthy living dentistry scheme. It may be a dental nurse or receptionist and ideally someone whose time is flexible to enable them to do this work. An extended duty dental nurse would be ideal but these extended duties aren’t essential to undertake the role.

What will they do?

  • Organise the campaigns

  • Disseminate learning throughout the practice

  • Support the lead in implementing the practice action plan

  • Support any monitoring and gathering of evidence

  • Network with health champions in other practices to share ideas.


The lead and champion are required to attend an evening training session and the champions will follow up with an online course (usually 8 hours over a 4 week period) and two half day training courses . 

Combined Event for Health Leads and Champions:
Tuesday 5th February 2020
6.30pm-9pm with registration from 6pm
Venue: The Village Hotel, Ashton.  

Champions must then also attend the following two events:
Tuesday 17th March 2020 – Full day
Tuesday 28th April 2020 – Half day and Exam.
Venue: The Village Hotel, Ashton.

Please note: Cancellation fees apply. Please see Maxcourse for more details. 

To register your place please email the following information to

Practice Name:
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Contact Number:
Name of Health Lead:
Email Address for Health Lead:
Health Lead Maxcourse Login ID (if different from email above):
Name of Health Champion:
Email Address for Health Champion:
Health Champion Maxcourse Login ID (if different from email above): 

All delegates are required to have a log-in for maxcourse, if you do not have one already please visit:​

Healthy Living Dentistry

​Roles & Training

Each practice will identify a Practice Lead to take forward the Healthy Living Dentistry Scheme and a Health champion.