CHL has set up an expression of interest (EOI) process to support workforce pressures in community pharmacies in GM

We are living and working in unprecedented times. Community pharmacies are working under extreme pressure right now to keep their doors open and ensure patients in GM still receive their medication. 

Many community pharmacies are close to breaking point, with workforce pressures due to self-isolation or staff identified as at risk themselves being absent from the pharmacy. Closure of community pharmacies in GM would have a huge impact upon healthcare provision and would adversely impact patient care and the wider NHS.

We all need to take action to support our community pharmacies to stay open and to continue to provide great levels of service to their customers.

CHL, liaising with Bolton and GM LPCs, has been working closely with the University of Manchester to identify any pharmacy students in GM who are willing to work in community pharmacies in order to both relieve the pressure in community pharmacy, but also to make the best use of pharmacy student’s time, knowledge and experience whilst lectures are cancelled.

CHL has shared EOI surveys with all GM pharmacies and pharmacy students at the University of Manchester and is collating responses in order to match up students who are available and happy to support, with pharmacies who are supportive of receiving help from pharmacy students.

Pharmacies who would like to register their interest to receive support from pharmacy students can do so by clicking the following link: Pharmacy register here

Students who would like to register their interest to provide support to community pharmacies can do so by clicking the following link: Student register here

The surveys will remain open for the next month at least, and responses will be monitored and reviewed daily.

Please note, we are not replacing usual processes or recruitment, just simply trying to match up 2 groups of people who can help each other in a time of crisis.

CHL is not providing any assurances around the competence of pharmacy students, pharmacies will need assure themselves of this, as well as ensuring any processes or indemnity considerations are managed appropriately.

Any discussions around shifts worked or voluntary vs. paid work will be between individual pharmacies and pharmacy students, CHL will not provide any information or support around these negotiations.