Sore Throat Test and Treat Service

What is included? - Everything you need to provide the service!

* Please note Postage and packaging is an additional £6.50 per pharmacy. 


  1. Connect2Pharma training slides – further detailed information on the test and the background of Strep A.
  2. Link to Sekisui online training module, which comprises of a short instructional video and quiz providing you with a certificate once complete.


We have an agreement with Sonar Informatics to provide a PGD (for the supply of antibiotics). You will need a Sonar Username to access this. If you do not have one please visit:

Marketing materials

All orders placed are provided with a poster for you to display in your Pharmacy.

A range of marketing material can be downloaded for free online, including:

  • Patient leaflets
  • Alternative posters

Service operation materials

A range of materials to support service delivery including:

  • SOP’s
  • Patient consent forms
  • Sales script
  • GP template letter
  • GP referral letter

CHL Package Special offer:

One shop: £75 each
Two – Five Shops: £72.50 each
Five plus shops: £70

Flu Vaccination Training

This package (excluding PGD, and postage and packaging) is available for £50 per pharmacy when attending CHL's flu vaccination training. 

For more information on our training please visit the Flu Vaccination page on our website. 

How to Order

To order please contact: 

Discounted Prices

CHL and Connect2Pharma have negotiated a discount for Community Pharmacy for OSOM® Strep A tests.

Individual Prices

PGD (provided by Sonar): £29
Testing kit (Pack of 20 kits): £45
Tongue depressors (pack of 100): £2
Light Source (x2): £6.31
Total Price Full RRP: £82.31

CHL, Connect2Pharma and Sonar Informatics have worked together to bring community pharmacies a fantastic package to enable them to offer a Sore Throat Test and Treat Service in their pharmacy. 

​​Special Offer package available from £70 - £75* per pharmacy (RRP: £82.31)