Travel Clinics with the PharmaDoctor ETool

PharmaDoctor ETool and PGDs

To enable pharmacists to implement travel health services at their pharmacies PhamaDoctor have developed an  ETool and accompanying PGDs.  The ETool is an innovative, digital system designed to help the setup of a private travel vaccination clinic with minimum fuss and investment. Patients who need to obtain protection against travel associated health risks can register their details online, or at the pharmacy, and based on their medical history and planned itinerary, the tool will determine which vaccines and/or anti-malarials are recommended.  The record of all consultations is stored on the software, so can be accessed and audited whenever necessary. 


Pharmacists who are trained in vaccine administration (e.g. flu training for IM, SC, reconstitution, BLS etc) can get started without further practical training.

Online video disease awareness training is available for free via Valneva UK, as part of their VIP Programme:

Pharmacists will need to complete a few sample consultation scenarios using the ETool, simply to familiarise them with the software.

Clinical Support

PharmaDoctor run a clinical support line for help with tricky consultations though the ETool guides consultations, minimising doubt in consultation decisions.

Valneva can, in some instances, arrange a nurse visit in a consultancy role, to advise on any areas you might identify as problematic after the launch of your clinics.

Marketing/other support

The system has a patient portal which can be accessed by patients prior to them visiting the pharmacy. They can fill in medical details and their planned itinerary in advance, with the option to book an appointment at the end. This can be branded and locked to display only your locations and embedded on your website, meaning you can direct traffic from your website and allow easier management of consultation bookings.

PharmaDoctor give you access to an online marketing guide, with templates letters, leaflets etc and you will also get a free listing on our various clinic finders.

Valneva UK has set up the consumer facing website which uses the most up to date digital marketing techniques to capture the attention of as many travellers as possible and consequently drive patients to your clinics.


The PharmaDoctor ETool and accompanying PGDs cost  £260 + VAT for the first pharmacist user and £215 + VAT for each additional pharmacist in the company.