On 24th June 2015, NHS England issued an information standard aimed at making health and social care information accessible. Pharmacy contractors must comply with the information standard no later than 31 July 2016.

Pharmacy contractors should review the material NHS England has published to inform and assist in the implementation of the information standard (NHS England accessible information standard, specification and implementation guidance documents).

PSNC have created some resources to assist contractors and these can be found on their website.

In addition CPGM Healthcare (CHL) have compiled additional resources to support our healthcare providers. Further details can be found below:

CHL Accessible Information Standard Training opportunities


CHL worked with a number of organisations and pulled together the following short webinars to assist healthcare professionals deliver AIS in their care settings. These webinars can be accessed on the links below:

AIS Standard- What it all means, how to identify those with AIS needs and how to support/ deliver AIS​ - Watch the webinar here

AIS Makaton advice - Watch the webinar here

AIS BSL advice - Watch the webinar here

AIS Champion

We believe the most successful way of implementing AIS is for Healthcare teams to assign a AIS Champion to assess need, implement change and to communicate with the wider healthcare team (colleagues) within your healthcare setting.

To assist you in this process we have created a short description outlining the key roles of responsibilities of an AIS champion (that we believe can be adapted to any healthcare setting) that can be used alongside the resource list and best practice documents below.

Have you assigned a AIS Champion?

AIS resources to download and utilise:

Community Pharmacy specific resources:

AIS Frequently asked questions document

AIS example SOP

Generic Resources for ALL Healthcare professionals (examples of best practice):

AIS Frequently asked questions document for all professions

AIS internal poster (For healthcare teams)

AIS internal mini guide/ leaflet (For healthcare teams)

Guidance on AIS Communication formats

Resources and best practice guide

AIS public facing materials:
Poster selection

CHLs Guide to implementing Accessible Information Standards