Community Pharmacy Leadership in GM: CHL's role

Community pharmacy leaders in Greater Manchester have worked tirelessly in recent years to ensure the sector has a place within the GM NHS governance structure. Primary Care Board (PCB) is formally recognised within the NHS in GM and comprises representatives from the 4 primary care disciplines – community pharmacy, dentistry, general practice, and optometry. Each discipline has its own sub-board which feeds into PCB to provide representation, input to GM strategy and accountability for the integration of primary care into the Integrated Care System (ICS). 

CHL has voting membership both on PCB, and on the sub-board - Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB). Working with CPPB members including Bolton LPC, GM LPC and GMHSCP, CHL takes a collaborative approach to setting the strategy and leadership for the community pharmacy sector in GM, ensuring that community pharmacy contractors and patients are at the heart of all decisions. 

CHL is wholly supportive of the workplan agreed at CPPB and invests resource into ensuring that its strategy is delivered to the benefit of the community pharmacy sector in GM. As a not-for-profit organisation CHL utilises retained margin from other projects to ensure this vital strategic work with the NHS is appropriately supported.