Secretariat Services: Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB)

In 2019, the Primary Care Advisory Group (PCAG) took the decision to move to a formal board structure, in order to ensure appropriate representation within the GM NHS governance structure. In line with this decision, the primary care discipline-specific sub-groups, also moved to a formal board structure and the Pharmacy Advisory Group (PhAG) became the Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB). Following transition to board, a stakeholder mapping exercise was conducted which demonstrated the significant work required to ensure that community pharmacy was appropriately represented within GM. CPPB determined that funding was required to allow its members to attend meetings on behalf of the board, and that a supporting secretariat service was required to allow CPPB members to focus on strategy and work delivery. 

CHL submitted a proposal to the CPPB board to: 

  • Provide appropriate & reliable administrative support 
  • Set up, monitor, and maintain a payment process for meeting attendance reimbursement 
  • Hold CPPB funds and provide timely and accurate financial reporting  

CPPB commissioned CHL to deliver this support as a pilot under a Service Level Agreement for a 6-month period from October 2019. The support provided by CHL was reviewed by the board in March 2020 and it was agreed that the arrangement was beneficial to the board and would be extended for a full year from 1st April 2020. The agreement continues to be reviewed and renewed annually.