Service Objectives
To increase access to seasonal influenza immunisation for employees of CHL’s partner organisation(s) through delivery of a user-friendly, non-judgemental, client-centred and confidential scheme.


  • Increase the uptake of the influenza vaccine in the employees of CHL’s partner organisation(s)
  • Improve access to the influenza vaccine
  • Promote awareness of the vaccination programmes
  • Improve public health by decreasing infection across the population

This initiative compliments the National Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Programme which targets those patients in agreed clinical at-risk groups.

Service Overview
Employer-sponsored flu vaccination programmes have been proven to deliver a reduction in the number of employees with flu infection and a subsequent reduction in the impact on operational services.
CHL is:

  • Providing a solution for organisations to vaccinate their staff flexibly with community pharmacy locations and onsite clinics
  • Supporting the delivery of a coronavirus-considered vaccination process including reduced data capture (and therefore time) via face to face, PPE and socially distancing where possible at the point of vaccination
  • Managing the set up and delivery with community pharmacies, providing one point of contact for the employer

View our Flu B2B Offer document here. 

Community Pharmacy Private Flu Vaccination Service for Employers