PharmaDoctor Services

CHL have established a partnership with PharmaDoctor to offer a range of service opportunities for Community Pharmacy along with access to an etool platform that allows you to log private services electronically (e.g. Private flu and travel clinic) as well as the opportunity to engage in further PGDs at a discounted rate, E.G. Enhanced CPCS service opportunities – to utilise the service opportunities that CPCS may provide.

Full details and instructions on how to sign up will be shared soon. 

Please see below for details on some of PharmaDoctors FREE service packages

Ear Infection Service

​This package consists of:

Please view this document for further information: Ear Infection Service Leaflet or visit the PharmaDoctor website.

Allergy test 'n treat service

Pharmacists who provide this service are required to take a finger-prick blood sample from patients using the allergy test kit and send it to their partner lab as part of an initial screening consultation. The test will analyse the reaction to over 280 allergens and return results via the PharmaDoctor Allergy eTool within 2 weeks. As part of a follow-up, consultation pharmacists are then authorised to dispense one of the recommended medications. For more information and a list of medications please visit the PharmaDoctor website

Weight Loss

​The PharmaDoctor Weight Loss service package includes:

  • Pharmadoctor's ground-breaking Weight Management eTool to guide you through patient consultations (& repeat consultations) - enabling you to set your patient monthly goals, offer a range of POM treatments then track and review your patient's weight loss progress
  • PGDs for Saxenda, Mysimba, and Xenical - integrated within our Weight Management eTool
  • Access to Pharmadoctor’s Weight Management service online training course – no need to do any other training (takes <1hr to complete)
  • Marketing support - including a suite of printed POS materials (worth £100) and patient videos which you can use to promote your new service in-store and online
  • Free patient referrals from Pharmadoctor's largest-ever service advertising campaign (£200k investment over 12 months) - geotargeting patients around participating pharmacies and signposting them to your weight management service. Look out for our weekly emails for more details

Find out more here:  

​Alcohol Reduction

​The Pharmadoctor free package includes an Alcohol Reduction eTool which seamlessly guides pharmacists through patient consultations for alcohol consumption, then fully supports them to provide the required behaviour support to help patients reduce their harmful drinking. Integrated within the eTool, the PGD, which if suitable, enables pharmacists to dispense nalmefene hydrochloride dihydrate Selincro® which is a NICE approved once-daily/on-demand treatment for the reduction of alcohol.

Please view this document for further information: Alcohol Reduction service package leaflet.pdf

Additional Services

For details on other services that are available please see the PharmaDoctor services brochure: PharmaDoctor Brochure

PharmaDoctor have created this useful Profit Calculator so that you can easily see the potential of each of the services available.