Safety and Security Funding for GM Community Pharmacy Contractors

The Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB) is the board within the GM Integrated Care Partnership Governance structure which represents Community Pharmacy in Greater Manchester. CPPB consists of members from Bolton LPC, CHL (the provider company) and Greater Manchester LPC who work closely with the NHS regional team in GM.

CPPB has secured funding from the GM Integrated Care Partnership for all GM community pharmacy contractors to support with the costs associated with increasing safety and security measures that were put in place during the pandemic and beyond.

Contractors are required to complete a self-assessment audit to confirm the safety and security arrangements they have put in place, or that they would like to put in place.

Responses to the audit will be reviewed and assessed against the scope agreed with the GM Integrated Care Partnership and the funds will then be distributed equally between contractors who are assessed as in scope.

This process will be administered by CHL on behalf of the Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB).


  1. Contractors to complete the self-assessment audit here by the extended deadline of Sunday 16th October 2022.
  2. Once the assessment process is complete, contractors will be notified as to whether the arrangements they have put in place are in scope for the funding. If so, they will receive a request for evidence and payment information from CHL
  3. Once the evidence has been reviewed, the payment will be authorised by CPPB, and the funds then sent by CHL to the account for which details have been provided

Criteria for inclusion for claiming of costs

  • Building access control
  • CCTV installation & supporting signage
  • Fixed screens
  • Panic buttons and accompanying procedure regarding usage
  • Personal safety alarms

In scope:

  • all GM community pharmacy contractor premises (excluding Distance Selling Pharmacies)
  • historic security alterations completed from 1st October 2021
  • additional consideration of enhanced security arrangements such as personal alarms
  • additional security measures outside of the recommendations considered on a case-by-case basis

Out of scope:

  • historic security alterations completed prior to 1st October 2021

The process agreed by CPPB can be found here

Successful Claims

All applicants have been contacted via the email address provided on their audit, to confirm if their submission is eligible for funding. 

In order for this funding to be released all successful contractors must send the following to by the extended deadline of 5th February 2023:

  • Invoices to cover the historic work that you have specified has been completed since 1st October 2021 
  • Quotes to cover any future improvements that you have requested
  • Completed banking mandate providing the account details where payment should be made

Funds will be paid via bank transfer upon receipt of all the information requested above and following verification of the evidence submitted.

Please note: This funding must be used solely for the purpose of improving the safety and security of this GM community pharmacy contractor premises as outlined in the self-assessment audit.
Contractors must ensure any future improvements will be started within 12 months of receipt of the grant and are obligated to inform CHL of any material changes to this.

Please contact if you have any queries. 

Banking Mandate