In late 2018, CPGM Healthcare Ltd took over the management of the Inhaler Technique service. The Commissioner (Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership) has asked CHL to work with accredited Community Pharmacies to performance manage this service to:

  • Drive delivery
  • Improve quality

Performance management involves:

  • Reporting on a pharmacies’ performance to a set of Key Performance Indicators
  • Support phone calls/visits to community pharmacies
  • Other clinical support/guidance to community pharmacies

A pharmacy who persistently fails to meet the required KPIs and service outcomes will be decommissioned and therefore no longer able to provide this locally commissioned service. Pharmacies who are decommissioned may also find themselves not included in future services commissioned by or through GM HSCP.

It is in the interests of your patients, your pharmacy and of Community Pharmacies across Greater Manchester to demonstrate the benefit this service can bring to your patients with Asthma and COPD.

Key Performance Indicators

From February 2019, CHL will provide a monthly report on community pharmacies' performance to the following KPI's:

  • Number of consultations: Target is 0.05% of pharmacies’ average monthly items*
  • Follow up: Each pharmacy will follow up at least some patients**
  • CAT/ACT score: For those patients who are followed up, a positive change in CAT/ACT score will be seen and recorded (ACT score increased & CAT score decreased)
  • Smoking: All patients who are logged as being a current smoker will be referred for smoking cessation advice/support

* Average monthly items over 12 months taken from PharmData in December 2018

**  Where clinically appropriate, as defined in the service specification document and service guide

What you need to do: 

KPI 1: Number of consultations

Identify the target number of Inhaler consultations to complete each month from this table:

Complete the target number of consultations each month (initial & follow up included in target).
e.g.  Pharmacy A has a monthly average of 7460 items, the target is 3.73 consultations per month and so Pharmacy A must complete 4 consultations per month – this could be 3 initial, and 1 follow up or any combination.
KPI 2: Follow up

If you do not already have a process in place to ensure patients attend the pharmacy for their follow up consultation, consider implementing a process in order to help you achieve this KPI. Perhaps a phone call to remind patients of their appointment, and phone any non-attenders to re-schedule.
KPI 3: CAT/ACT score improvement

Ensure you record a score for every consultation.
By delivering a quality consultation with the patient and helping them to use their inhalers properly, you should see an improvement in their score when you follow up. 

KPI 4: Smoking Cessation

Ensure you record smoking status for every consultation.
Ensure you counsel patients who report they are a current smoker on the importance of quitting smoking. Ensure you refer and record the referral.

For full service information, documents and guides please visit the website of GMLPC or Bolton LPC

Improving Inhaler Technique Through Community Pharmacy