Healthy Living Dentistry

There are two levels of Healthy Living Dentistry.

Level 1 –recognises the good practice that is in place in many practices to be accredited as a Health Living Dental Practice
Level 2 –incorporates the use of GM toolkits and the opportunity to provide additional commissioned services by the practice.

What local dental practices have said:

“We have really valued being part of the healthy living dentistry scheme. Is shows our patients that we care about the whole person, not just their mouth and it has been very popular with patients”.

“It has been really good for team development, particularly for the dental nurses in our practice. They have taken a lead in organizing the campaigns in the practice and their confidence and skills have really come on”.


Please click here for a list of Practices that have achieved Healthy Living Dental Practice status. 

For more information and to apply see the links below:

What’s required – HLD framework

About - One Page Summary

Self-assessment toolkit – Action Plan
Training - Training Page
Apply now – Sign up page

Frequently Asked Question - FAQ

Further resources - Resources Page

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Produced by:  Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership & Greater Manchester Local Dental Network 

The Healthy Living Dental Practice (HLD) framework is focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the local population and helping to reduce health inequalities through the provision of inclusive, holistic high quality care in general dental practice across Greater Manchester. 

As we head towards a new contract where quality of delivery will be a key component of the contract, Greater Manchester dental practices will find that they will be able to demonstrate these quality improvements by following the HLD Programme.

This programme will help recognise the general health messages that are delivered by the dental team and provide the opportunity to take this service to another level. It recognizes the contribution that dental practices are already making to improve the health and wellbeing of their patients in line with Delivering Better Oral Health.

This Builds on the work of Baby Teeth DO Matter, other GM toolkits and Healthy Living Dentistry in Wigan. Practices will be able to demonstrate a commitment to patients’ dental and general wellbeing under an endorsed programme led by practice based and qualified Health Champions. It will help with the development of our dental teams’ leadership and communication skills, and establish good teamwork.

This programme will provide extensive evidence to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a caring practice. As health care professionals, we will be able to improve the care we offer our patients which can only lead to an increase in job satisfaction for us all.

Mohsan Ahmad
GM LDN chair